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Monday, May 24, 2010

Breaking it Down

I find that sometimes guys have this misconception of girls that if you date someone, you have to pay for dates, talk on the phone for ages, and invest time that you might not have.  But let me tell you, majority of girls need a whole lot less than that.   For most girls, just knowing that you care about them too will keep them satisfied.  If you can't call every day then it's okay.  Life is important and your future is important, but isn't sharing it with someone sound somewhat promising?  If you're lucky, you will find someone who understands if you can't act all lovey-dovey or don't even want to,  but if you have mutual feelings, and understand them, isn't that worth it?  It always seems so sad that people can't share their feelings with each other.  I see in so many Japanese movies that people lose out on love because they couldn't tell the person they liked their feelings.  I'm rewatching a series called Proposal Daisakusen (operation love) that is about a guy who is able to go back in time (via photographs in his best friend's/love's wedding slideshow) to try and tell the best friend that he's in love with her.  In the past he felt that he had so much time to tell her, he was just always late.  Asian just tend to have those, "too late" movies and no one is happy.  Isn't just knowing that you have someone's love enough?

Some guys argue that girls always say this, but never follow through.  You just have to find those girls that aren't going to do that.  Which makes a whole big circle of work.  XD  Talking with my roomate, we agreed that if you weren't able to see the person you cared about for awhile because of school or life, if you really want to have a relationship with that person it wouldn't make a difference.  Just knowing that you have the support of someone you care about is saying a lot.  Some people can work this kind of relationship.  Some people can't.  Same as things like long-distance relationships.  Good timing is right for relationships.  Sometimes you have to wait.  Sometimes you have perfect timing.  But I do truly believe that if it is meant to be it will happen.  By the way, if you haven't seen Paper Heart (the movie/documentary) I highly recommend it.  It hits both points on not believing in love and just working at something you might have never thought of.  And hearing different people's views on love is also really interesting.  Finding love is hard, but when you do find it, don't let go.

Love, I don't need those things
I don't need no ring
I don't need anything
But you
And me
Cause in your company
I am happy oh so happy and complete

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Photo Blog

So I started up a photo blog strictly for just posting my work

My family was wondering if they could ever see my images so I decided to make strictly on photo.  I will still be posting up here, so I hope you enjoy both blogs.  :)  Newest entry in the photo blog is the stuff I took over my week long break back at the end of April.  I hope you enjoy!  :D