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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nishino Kana

It's been awhile since I did a music related post, but in the last few months this girl has impressed me so much.  Nishino Kana is a recording artist in Japan with BoA-esque sounding vocals. I remember seeing her first single "I" back in 2008.   I listened to it because it had pretty album art (something I am known to do) and thought it was so-so and just a generic pop singer.  In the course of a year, she has become standout, and I am officially in love with her.  I'm a bit biased though so perhaps it is because she did a duet with Verbal (of m-flo, the best band in the universe).  =P  That song is called Kimi no Koe Wo.

Verbal is definitely THE coolest rapper in the world to me.  But yeah, getting off topic.... XD Her songs are the typical j-pop/soul-ish sounding.  Not super high pitched bubble gum pop, but the kind of voice like Utada or BoA (i'm trying to be more generic for those not really into Japanese music).  Her vocals are nice and sweet and 2009 gave her some nice singles such as "Motto" and the duets with the likes of Wise in "Tokutemo."  I tend to like her duets a lot, such as the lastest release with a guy named Nerdhead.

Gotta love when Youtube videos are in 1080p!!  :D  (the best 1080p video I've seen so far is Tae Yang's Wedding Dress.  I love that song and video)

Kana has one album and 9 singles.  Her latest one is called "Best Friend" and a very nice release from her.  I highly suggest her to you guys and hope you find love in her songs too.  :D

First Single- "I"
Seventh Single- "Motto"

Eigth Single- "Dear.../Maybe"

Ninth Single- "Best Friend" 

First Album- "Love One"


DSK Steph said...

she looks like a living doll!

DSK Steph said...

two layers of lancome deficils pro on the bottom lashes, one on the top with shisem falsies :P

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

I love Kana too! Is it coincidence cause I just downloaded her songs like last week?? She's so cute! ^^