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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Drama Rating System

Since I started to review dramas, I decided to make a rating system.

Characters: Based on the personality of the characters and the way they interact with each other.

Story: Based on the originality of the story and how well it is executed.  (since most are based on manga, this would entail the originality of the manga and how the drama executes it)

Irritation Level: Based on how much I feel irritated with the characters and the typical drama stupidness that people in love can have.  For example, the main guy sees the main girl with another guy and assumes the worst so he gets mad and sulks by ignoring her.  Or if they cry the entire series about their unrequited love (don't worry, after Winter Sonata, I learned my lesson when it comes to super dramatic dramas).

Overall: Based on overall enjoyment of the series and if I'd watch it again.

For the 3 standard scores, it's just based from 1 being bad to 5 being amazing (with irritation level high numbers mean high irritation)
1= bad
2= okay
3= good
4= great
5= amazing

For the overall score, I based the number system like netflix does, but I will add the .5 to the mix.  =P
1= hated it
2= didn't like it
3= like it
4= really like it
5= love it