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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

First Post & Birthday Celebration

Hello everyone! My name is Lauren. I'm a 20 year old living in the central valley of California and soon to be moving to new places in the world. :) I've gone many years looking at other blogs and I finally decided to start one. So, here it goes. I guess my main focus will be on music, fasion, and photography. oh and maybe throw a little baking in there.  Those seem like easy topics to start with.

So, the main reason I want to post is because today, October 7, 2009 is m-flo's 10th anniversary!!! m-flo is my all time favorite band and I love spreading the m-flo love to everyone. :D It all started back in 2003 when I walked into the Kinokuniya in San Francsico (Kinokuniya is a Japanese bookstore chain in the US for those of you who don't have one near you) and went to the music kiosk. At these things, you could find a music video that had just been released and watch it. At this time I was a big fan of BoA and I see a music video called the Love Bug. with Boa and a group called m-flo. So I started to watch it, and instantly fell in love. I raced to the CD section to find the single, and I haven't looked back since. Ever since 2003, I have been diligently looking out for m-flo releases and spread my love for it to anyone who would listen. Verbal is my all time favorite rapper and I absolutely love his style in clothes and rapping. :) So, this is my short tribute to m-flo today, and I wish them happy anniversary and good luck in their future endeavors!

For those of you hoping to get into m-flo, here are some of the best of the best.
*means that the video is up on youtube and should be watched.

*miss you//♥melody. & Ryohei
*the Love Bug//♥BoA
*Let Go//♥Yoshika
Loop in My Heart//♥Yoshika & Emyli
*Picture Perfect//♥Monkey Majik
Love Me After 12AM//♥Alex (clazziquai)
The Other Side of Love//♥Emyli (sister e)
tO yOUR bEAT//♥Yoshika
*Lotta Love//♥MINMI
*Love Don't Cry//♥Crystal Kay
*Dopamine//♥Emyli & Diggy Mo' (soul'd out)
*Can't Stop Lovin' You//♥BBBB & Emi Hinouchi
Star Struck//♥AI, Emi Hinouchi, Rum (heartsdales)
Tripod Baby//♥Lisa
*One Day //♥Miliyah Kato & Kreva
Distance (m-flo remix)- Utada Hikaru
Come again
L.O.T (Love Or Truth)
Yours Only

Here's how it all started:

Well that's pretty much all for this first post. I will be hoping to find more people to network with and I hope you enjoy my ramblings. :D mata ne minna!


audrey said...

i didn't know this song^^ thank you for sharing it, i really love it :)

Shiseiten said...

your welcome! I love spreading the m-flo love whenever I can. :) Hope you enjoy more things by them!!

Anonymous said...
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