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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Online Shopping

It was never until I hit college that I started getting into clothes and how I looked.  I think it was after I got my first job and started getting money that I decided to look into online clothes.  Now, I am absolutely a online shopping junkie.  I have a select few sites that I absolutely love and check every day to see if there are new things.  My all time favorite site is Karmaloop.  I've been shopping there for 2 years now, and have also been a sales rep for them.  But I have a hard time advertising.  I'm not very good with graphics stuff so I never make anything to show off.  Karmaloop is an urban street brand site, and includes the greats like Hellz Bellz, Married to the Mob, Insight, WeSC, Gentle Fawn, Crooks & Castles, and 10 Deep.  And what is so good about Karmaloop, they are constantly bringing down the prices of their stuff!  I found that a lot of clothings sites NEVER lower the prices on their merchandise, but Karmaloop slowly brings it down and down, you just have to keep watch.

I also really like this site called ModCloth.  My style aesthetic is very much urban, but I also love looking girly.  So, as a balance, I love checking out all the cute dresses and jewelry on ModCloth.  They actually just brought standard shipping prices, so that's quite lucky.  Unfortunately, since they are a much smaller company, there are rarely price reductions or sales.  Most of the things sell out super quick because of the low stock that this "vintage inspired" company caries.  So you have to buy things quick or else they will sell our for good.

Yesstyle is another ones of the sites I can't seem to stay away from.  Unfortunately for me, I'm not the size of a typical asian girl, so many of the things will not fit me.  But they have very cute labels such as  GoogimsSechuna, and this super cool shoe line called HVBAO.  HVBAO has these painted sneakers with very unique designs.  Typically they run for about $40 which is a pretty good price for these cute works of art.  Yesstyle actually just opened a store in San Francisco's Stonestown mall (the one located next to SFSU) which I have yet to explore.  Thankfully yesstyle has just recently lowered their standard shipping to the US rate to only $9.99.  But the best bet would be to order big with a friend and get the free international shipping.

So, I encourage you to check out these cool sites!  Oh, and if you stop by karmaloop, and see something you like, get a 20% discount off your entire order!!!  Just input the rep code "emi16" in the space available and get your savings!  20% goes a long way on Karmaloop.  I hope you guys find great things on these web sites.  It's always so much fun getting packages in the mail.  :)


DSK Steph said...

BD Stars are 12mm compared to the 8mm lil Stars :)