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Friday, December 18, 2009


The holidays are coming around.  That means parties!  Well the kind that I usually have with my friends involve going to someone's house, eating, and playing games.  I'm still only 20, and many of my close friends aren't in the drinking phase.  But usually around the holiday times, the girls in my groups of friends are always like, "dress up party!"  Usually that entails wearing old prom dresses or getting cute new ones.  haha.  This year I bought myself a nice cheap dress from Forever 21 and found some black, sparkly tights from Urban Outfitters.  I also bought some shoes from Lulu's (an online clothing site), some sparkly nail polish, and of course, a DSK necklace.  =P  I can't wait to wear the outfit! (and I will definitely post some pics later)

I never really used to be into fashion.  I never cared about what I was wearing, if it was stylish, I just liked to be comfortable.  But when I got a job at a thai restaurant when I first started my college days, I knew what it was like to have money, and haven't looked back since.  My style...I guess you could say it's urban/girly.  I love the urban look (like Hellz Bellz and Married to the Mob) but I also love floaty tops, flats and jewelry.  :)  Jackets are my one vice.  I have tons of them.  My mom is always getting on my case and telling me that I need to stop buying them.  But...I can't help it.  They're always so versatile. Plus, it's always nice to relax around the house with a comfy sweater or two.  :P  My favorite jackets right now have to be my Hellz Bellz Heartbreaker jacket.  It's simply a cardigan (no buttoning up) with half-length sleeves and an awesome grey color.

American Apparel (even though I think it's overpriced) has very comfy sweaters.  And I love that color with the white string and zipper.  The contrast works very well in my opinion.  :)  I own it in the orchid-like color, and the bright pink (kinda salmon-ish) color.  Notice in the picture, I happen to be rocking Steph's Bubbi Necklace and PH heart earrings?  ^_~

I also have a cheap (but still awesome looking) fake-leather jacket from Forever 21.  My best guy friend, Eddie rocks the punk style, and in the past year it has really been rubbing off on me.  If I could pick any style to emulate, I would want to be a badass punk.  haha.  Sorry if this is seeming to be a post of just pics of me... XD  I don't have enough time to go take some pictures of my stuff.  Maybe when I get home from my Spanish final today.  :)  What about you guys?  Have any vices when it comes to fashion?  Any favorite things to wear  or styles you like?


Lisa said...

love that leather jacket!

Stephanie said...

Lately my clothing style has been lacking. I need to go shopping!

DSK Steph said...

I think it's so great that you built your style. Mine is so bad! I find myself in sweats 95% of the week =/

I guess it I need to take that step!