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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I love singing.  I sing everywhere I am.  My family remembers me singing a lot when I was younger too.  I'm  no professional, and I might not have the greatest and most projecting voice, but I really do enjoy singing.  Back in my junior year of high school I met a guy who has now become my singing buddy.  :)  Keo and I have been singing m-flo and various other duets for awhile now.  We used to always sing The Love Bug by m-flo & BoA, and have been recently singing a lot of english stuff.  So far, he's the only guy that I have that wants to sing with me and do duets, which is nice, cause I love singing in the style of duets.  I was finally able to get him to record videos and tracks with me today, so I wanted to post a few and share them with you guys.  :D  So I hope you enjoy!  And I am hoping to get some m-flo covers on youtube very VERY soon.  Who knows, we might even end up being youtube rockstars for awesome m-flo covers.  haha.  (for those of you who don't know m-flo, you can refer here...)  I also have my own set of youtube videos of just me singing, so check them out if you so please. :D

shout-out to steph for making the beautiful necklace featured in the vid.  ^_~


audrey said...

thank you very much Lauren^^
Merry Christmas and happy holiday :)
i hope that you've received a lot of presents^^

ohhh you're singing very well :) love this video^^

Mrs. Cleanest said...

Thanks for the comment! You have a lovely voice, m'dear. I'm a bit jealous. I looked through some of your recent posts... and you've convinced me that I NEED new headphones... those are all so excellent! I'm completely obsessed with music, I can't even fit it all on my iPods + iPhone. HAHA.

That's funny that you like K dramas. My boyfriend is Korean (like, KOREAN KOREAN, like in KOREA right now haha) and he's really into those too. Actually, the way he talks to me is like straight out of a K drama... :)

Talk at you soon!