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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Best of First Session

The following is the best of my images that I turned into my teacher for my final.  There were a few others that I would have chosen, but I think these turned out nicely.  My calling is definitely portraits, but I also love finding beauty in the little details.  I hope that next session turns out even more amazing images.  :)  Please do not steal these images and call them your own.  Once you become an artist yourself, you realize just how much copyright laws protect your right to your images.  I hope you enjoy them!  Now I am off to head home and enjoy the company of friends and family for a brief week.  :D  

All images copyright of ©Lauren Kanegawa

 Shape, Line, Texture assignment 

Architecture Detail assignment

Architecture Detail assignment

Pans, Blurs, Selective Focus assignment

Pans, Blurs, Selective Focus assignment

Picture Story assignment

Diffused Light assignment

Window Light assignment


eki said...

Hi Hun,

your photography is beautiful and with so much character and color :D

Thank you so much for the sweet message it means alot to me! ^0^
I never had any formal photography training so coming from you it means so much more! I just love capturing beauty as I see them :3 I love my Nikon too! I didnt buy macro lens but instead I got kinko extension tube along with 50mm lens thats how I got all the macro shot :D great alternative than spending alot on macro lens<3

Thank you so much for your love and stopping by to say hi to me ^__^ ありがとうね!

audrey said...

there's a lot of different colours for swarovski crystals, that's difficult to have all of them^^
(ps : the necklace has shipped today's morning^^)

have a great day :)