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Thursday, February 11, 2010

He Qi Crystal Designs

note, I noticed that this layout doesn't highlight clickable links!  So the links have numbers by them.  :)

Last month I checked out another little jewelry blog.  This time I found the girl was living in Davis! (about 45 mins from where I live, and a lot of my friends go to school) And I fell in love with these pretty feather-esque earrings.  In her blog, she said they were one of a kind and she had a blue/silver version, and then a purple/gold version.  I figured I'd go with the blue/silver so it could go with another piece I have.....  ^_~  I also noticed that she was the only jewelry blog using the vitrial medium color (at the time) and so I had to get her Alice series necklace.  :)  Plus, the jewel was 18cm and I like bigger crystals.  =P  Her service was extremely quick and it was at my house the day after I got the tracking number.  Lisa's work is very beautiful and recently she's been doing more unique pieces.  I am in love with her beautiful necklaces and earrings.  I love this piece (1) in particular.  :)  These are also stunning pieces(2) (she has 3 different colors of this necklace).  And these are a pair of her more super unique earrings (3).  I had a great experience with He Qi and am definitely looking to buy from her, as soon as I start being more decisive with what I want to buy.  Online shopping is a gift and a curse.  One, I like having unique things and looks, but at the same time, I want to get everything!  hahaha.

Please visit her online shop! (4) You will not be disappointed.  :D

The feather earrings

the Alice Necklace

oh, and I am simply writing this because I love her work and want to spread the love.  :)


Kym said...

beautiful jewelry, i love lisas work! :)

audrey said...

thank you for your comment Lauren :) purple is one of my favourite colour too^^ i love all that is close to pink^^