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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Picture Story

So, at Brooks this past week, we had to do a sort of stop motion picture story.  It didn't have to be as fast transitions as I did, but I quickly learned the bare basics of Final Cut Pro to make it look the way it does.  I couldn't have it more than 3 minutes and didn't want to cut it short, so it ended up being 2:30 minutes with some cut stuff.  Next time I want to make one without limitations.  :)  So, I had my best guy friend Eddie (his real name is Edward) come out and model for me, which was really awesome because he is 5+ hours away from Santa Barbara, and he was my "Alice" and my "Wonderland" was a Disco Inferno in one of the studios.  hahaha.  We played loud upbeat music to get everyone into the mood and I took the pictures from the floor.  XD  I love how it turned out.  I bought poster board and paint and we created 2 of the panels in the background and then the other 2 pieces were just really cool types of paper.  The music is also kinda fun to talk about.  The first song is a song called Alice by the artist Pogo.  This guy takes sounds from specific movies and makes whole songs from JUST sounds from the movies!  He's done ones for movies such as Hook, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original and better!), Alice, Mary Poppins, Up, Terminator 2, and so forth.  Here is his youtube page.
The little ping sound is a tribute to my all time favorite band m-flo because they use it in their albums often.  Plus it was a really cool sound to signify his arrival to the Disco Inferno!  And the final song is by the ever awesome and dance inducing Electric Six.  :D  btw, I only realized till after I finished the movie that Disco Inferno is a name of a 50 Cent song.  XD  oops.  and I thought I was being creative.  That's what I get for not knowing most of the hip-hop era's song titles.  lol.  Well, anyways, I hope you enjoy my video!!!

please let me know if you cannot view this. youtube wouldn't upload my video correctly. =/