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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 6

Day 06- A hobby you have

I'm a lomographer.  It all started when I was awarded a 120N Holga from my photography teacher in high school.  I had won a class contest for "best photo series" and in the prize pack was the Holga.  My teacher said to just mess around with it and see what happens.  I actually didn't try the camera out until much later, but the 2nd lomography camera I purchased was in college.  I had just finished my first paying photographing job and I wanted to reward myself with a camera I had been debating on buying for some time.  It was an Oktomat, a multilens camera that shoots 8 frames on a single shot of film.  I had been debating on this camera for awhile because a lot of people were saying that the camera didn't work well.  But then I finally decided, that's what lomography is about.  It's about each camera's unique feel and function.  Each camera has different light leaks, lenses, imperfections and all that.  I ended up with a great camera that takes great pictures.  :)  For my 3rd camera I asked for a Diana F+ for Christmas.  It came with a nice little flash, but I also asked for a ringflash and an instant back that would take polaroid type pictures.  The splitzer was also thrown in so that I could make composite-type pictures using the Diana.  These cameras use film, both 35mm and 120mm types.  I love experimenting with lomography cameras and all the cool things they can do.  I keep trying a bunch of films and using different equipment to get different results every time.  I will continue to do lomography, and hopefully obtain even more cameras (like the Spinner 360˚!) and get better and better and using lomography to show my vision.  :)


audrey said...

thank you very much Lauren :) glad you like them^^