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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 19

Day 19- Nicknames you have; how and why you have them.

My first nickname was Pucca.  I had a group of friends in high school that were in band together and we wanted cute names for ourselves.  I used to wear puka shell necklaces a lot my freshman year, so they named me Puka.  Then I stopped wearing them, so I asked to change the spelling to Pucca like the little asian character that was floating around the internet.  The name is still with me today.

My middle name, Chiemi, is used to my Japanese class friends from Delta and started with my friend from Tokay.  I gave him a Japanese nickname that was similar to his real name and he would call me Chiemi.  This is also morphed into Emi-chan or Chi-chan depending on who is talking to me.  :)  I used to hate my first name, since it was so common, so most of my friends call me by my Japanese name (plus it's easier for Asians to pronounce Chiemi then it is to pronounce Lauren)

My last nickname comes from one of my best friends here in Santa Barbara.  Kiana used to give nicknames to everyone she met and of course, me being her roommate, I was no exception.  For some reason she called me Babycakes.  And it has stuck.  Don't know why she picked the name, but it's just my name.  haha.  At one point, her boyfriend knew me for a year as only Babycakes so he had no clue what my real name was.  XD  I found a clothing brand called Babycakes and Kiana is determined to by any future boyfriend I have a pair of Babycakes underwear.  lol.  She even advertised for me on Facebook once because she was so excited to buy a pair.  hahaha

Those are my few nicknames.  Specific groups of people call me certain names, but majority of my friends just call me Lauren.  :)  Either way, I will answer to any of these!