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Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 24

Day 24- Share a story about your past that you are ashamed of.

When I was younger, we moved homes and I started at a new school.  The whole time I was there I had a hard time fitting in.  I never really felt accepted and tried very hard to be friends with a group of girls.  In that process of just wanting to fit in, I didn't stand up for a friend when the others picked on her.  I felt so badly, but I just wanted to have friends.  Looking at myself then, I see that I should have stood up for the other girl.  The funny thing is that the girl that they picked on is one of my best friends now.  I'm glad that she forgave my cowardice.  I am glad I was able to redeem myself and I'm happy to call her one of my best friends.  But I still feel ashamed that the old me was such a sad person who would do anything to feel like I had friends.  I am glad that I am not the same person as I was then.  Self-confidence does wonderful things for you.  :)

only a few more days left!  Thanks for sticking with me for so long.  :)

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