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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 25

Day 25- What would you find in your bag?

Oh the "inside the bag" blogger picture.  It seems like a common theme with all the beauty bloggers that have to do it at least once.  I'm not as glamorous as a lot of the other bloggers out there so my bag is pretty simple.  Today was English class day so I have my purple notebook for the daily free writing session.  I have my wallet, checkbook and random change thrown about my purse.  I have random batteries just in case I forget some for photo equipment, my pair of sunglasses, and my iPhone headphones.  I have lip stick and lipgloss that I don't use on a daily basis and a small sample vial of Victoria's Secret Noir Love Me scent.  My friend works at Victoria's Secret and he gave me the sample since he said he wouldn't use it.  I also usually have my EOS lip balm, but since I constantly change purses, it's probably in one of the others. I typically change my purses every other day so i keep a minimal amount of things in my purse at a time.