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Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 28

Day 28- A picture of you last year and now.  How have you changed since then?

2010:  This was me trying to do a modeling picture for He Qi Crystal Designs.  I never did send it it.  haha.  Anyways, this was back at my old apartment.  The first one I ever lived in for college education.  I was still pretty shy at this point, but I was making friends with all my session mates.  Still the person I was from Delta College.  Starting off fresh after a year of heartbreak and I had no motivation back at Delta that last semester.  It was tough realizing that my goal of becoming fluent in Japanese was being pushed farther back.  I didn't feel like I had a future in something I wanted for so long and that was hard.  I also felt like I had lost some friendships thanks to all the change I had gone through.  At the same time I met some of my best friends at Delta and was kept from going insane in April and May.  My decision to come to Brooks came in October 2009, when my parents decided that maybe going to a 4-year CSU was not in my best interest.  In 2010, Brooks allowed me to do what I love.  I achieved so many goals of learning how to use the technical things that Brooks taught us and to make great images with it.  I got my first photography jobs and got to photograph some amazing things and people.

2011:  I have changed so much within the year.  I learned a huge amount of information about photography and I know how to take better pictures now.  I've made friends much easier than I ever thought I could.  And have experienced roommate troubles as expected in every day college stories.  I went to my first raves and realize that I enjoy them way more than any club I've ever been to.  I've developed callouses from guitar playing and can finger pick.  I hope to continue on that path of becoming a better guitarist.  I confessed feelings to the guy I'm into after years of hiding them and as a result I feel a million times more confident in myself.  I keep in contact with all of my friends from home every time I go back.  I'm almost ready to hit upper division and am very excited at the prospects the future holds for me.  Here's to another year of personal growth!


Aya said...

Omedetou~! You've finished. I'm commenting on this post because the photo of you from this year is just so beautiful. That is a lovely smile. :D